Our motivation?

About our project

Our main motivation to build the ETLab laboratory was to implement neuroscience techniques in the field of marketing research. We do not want to contest conservative research techniques such as interviewing, questionnaire, observation etc. but to support them with outputs from neurotechnology.

What technology do we use?


Within the ETLab we use the technology from SMI (SensoMotoric Instruments), SR-Research and Pupil Labs. Also, our laboratory disposes with EEG from Brain Products. EEG Emotiv EPOC+ device is also available. Other amenities include photographic equipment (full-frame camera, a light tent and studio lights) for product photography and also shelf systems from EDEN company.


RED 250 eye-tracker is scientific-grade device which works on 250 Hz sampling rate. Due to its high sampling rate it is possible to use this device for saccade-based studies. This device is easily interfacing with physiological data acquisition systems like EEG or face reader.

Experiments & software

Our software equipment allows to perform experiments with texts, images, videos, PDFs, dynamic websites, surveys and exams stimuli. Also, due to external camera module it is possible to test arbitrary stimuli such as real products in space (eg. testing of product design). For our students we offer SMI Digital Classroom software to learn to work with our eye-tracking device.

Availability of laboratory